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Training-Cloud Computing

Cloud Computing Training Program in Ahmedabad

We offer Cloud computing training in Ahmedabad with high extensive program modules in optimal course prices. Grab your certification in with Dukes in Ahmedabad. We have made essentials arrangements and kits for your course in ahmedabad. Special training will be provided for slow runners and we make our easy to learn. Hence it makes your learning type so easy. We also provide placement cells and giving our candidates a guidance to crack the interview.

Cloud Computing @ Dukes- Ahmedabad

It means storing & accessing data and programs over the Internet without the interaction of your computer's hard drive. Its just like a analogy for the Internet. When we store and run programs or data from the hard drive and We used to call it as local storage & computing. Everything We require is physically near to us, that means having interaction our data is fast and easy.

when it comes to business the word "cloud" is totally different .

  • (SaaS)-business subscribes to an application it accesses over the Internet, Fr instance {Think Salesforce.com}
  • Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS)- where a business could make their own custom apps for use by all in the company.
  • Infrastructure-as-a-Service (IaaS), where players like Google,Amazon & Rackspace offer a backbone which could be "rented out"
  • The cloud isn’t a technology. It’s an approach to building IT services - an approach that harnesses the power of servers, and virtualization technologies which combine server into large pools & divide single servers into multiple virtual machines.

There are four primary types of models available namely Public, Private, Hybrid, Community.


This is a model in which services like applications & storage are exist for general use over the Internet. It may be offered on a pay-per-usage mode or other purchasing models. Example: IBM’s Blue Cloud.


It`s a virtualized data center that can be operated within a firewall. These types are highly virtualized, joined together by large quantities of IT infrastructure into resource pools & privately owned, managed.


Its a combination of both public and private Models.


It is an infrastructure that are shared by several organizations. It supports a particular community.

Recent Fact July 2014

Lot of Consumers are already utilizing this although they are not fully aware of it. Nearly 90% of worldwide internet users are on this platform. & that count will sustain stable as net usage spreads globally. Mobile plays a main role here, yes mobile led to explosive growth. Mobile consumers use this technology to store & sync their apps, consume media,files data across devices. Traffic ranges from Mobile devices has been raised in the rate of 63% between 2013 and 2018.


1) Its having just in time deployment
2) Its a more efficient resource utilization model, low to no upfront infrastructure investments.
3) drivers which are making a significant demand for cloud based services.
4) Less maintenance, Continuous availability, Scalability, Elasticity,Expert service.
Dukes offer you Best training with our Experts in Ahmedabad. Classes has also been taken not only in Ahmedabad but in Chennai also. Our training and teaching Method will bring a Top Leading training Institutions in Ahmedabad. Lot of Vacancies are there for this field, ace your grasping power by our special training in Ahmedabad with us.

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